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Come Command for Puppies and Dogs

The definition of “Come” is a command given to require your puppy to come close enough to you to allow you to gently grasp his collar or to ask for the sit command. Be sure to praise him every time he obeys this command and allows you to grasp his collar.

Dog and Puppy Training Tips for the Come Exercise:

  •  From a sit or down position, ask your dog to stay
  •  Facing your dog, walk out to the end of the leash
  •  Pause for a moment and then give the command “(dog’s name) come” using both voice and hand commands. The hand signal is having your left hand palm facing you tap your chest or stomach area
  •  If needed give a gentle pull of the lease towards you to motivate your dog and start walking backwards as you collect the leash to remove the slack
  •  As your dog or puppy starts to approach use a friendly voice saying a term of endearment
  •  When your dog approaches make sure he stops in front of you and then sits to prevent jumping
  •  At this time reward your dog with a treat, praise, pet or lure
  •  Have your dog or puppy complete this exercise with returning to the heeling position also know as the finish
  • Do not ask your dog or puppy to come to you if you are going to do something they do not like such as nail clipping
  •  As your training progresses throughout the weeks add more time to the sit or down stay exercise and put more distance using longer leads.
  •  When your dog or puppy becomes good at the come exercise add distractions such as people, balls bouncing, children riding bikes or skate boards take your time and be very encouraging to your dog.

Remember a dog learns through patterns so be consistent with your training and train every day with this exercise somewhere between 5 to 15 minutes each session.

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