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Door Manners for your Dog

When teaching a dog or puppy door manners keep in mind to work your dog every day for 30 days. Keep your lesson structured and be consistent with your commands, hand signal and treat reward.

  •  Training tools: Six foot leash, 15 foot leash, treats bag, and a small bathroom size rug.
  •  Commands given: heel, sit, stay, come, here, and your freeze word which can be no, leave it or stop.
  •  Every day practice door manners for 30 days be consistent and persistent
  •  Each lesson time should be 5 to 15 minutes long at least 2 times a day remember to put 4 hours in between sessions

Training Scheduale for your Dog

  • First, make sure your dog is on leash than open your front door
  •  Have your dog go to the small rug, command is “go to your rug” when your dog goes to the rug give him or her a treat
  • Have your dog do a sit/stay on the rug and wait a few seconds and build up to 15 minutes throughout the weeks
  •  Your dog does not leave the rug and go out the door until you say, “your dogs name than heel”
  •  Throughout the day place the rug in different places in the house and backyard than give the command, “go to your rug”
  •  Incentive, throw a treat on the rug, the minute your dog goes to the rug to retrieve the treat say, “good dog”
  •  Your goal is to have your dog go to his or her rug when you give the command, “go to your rug” and does not leave until you say, “Fido, heel”
  •  When you feel your dog has the concept of staying on the rug until you say, “Fido, heel” introduce distractions
  •  Example of some distractions, someone standing outside bouncing a ball, children running outside, you can even throw a treat outside. If your dog starts to move say your freeze word quickly than say, “Stay”. Make sure the distractions are a distance away than slowly close in the gap during the days to come.
  •  Practice at all doors leading in and out the house even the gates leading to the backyard and garage door
  •  After 30 days take off the leash and practice at a safe door for instance, the door leading to the backyard or the door leading to the garage with the garage secure, this way if your dog breaks the command they cannot escape onto the street
  •  During this time also practice your freeze word and come commands
  •  Make sure you treat on occasions and have fun while teaching your dog or puppy this new skill

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