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New Puppy in the Home

So you brought a puppy into your home and it has been years since you owned one and you are asking yourself what do I do now? The suggestions below will help and make having a puppy in your home a lot easier. The main thing to keep in mind is that you have a puppy which is like a toddler so you will have to provide safety, comfort, a clean area, lots of love, training, fun activities and patience.

Puppy Raising Made Fun:

  •  Crate train your puppy it will help with potty training and prevent bad behavioral issues.
  •  Leash your puppy when out of the crate so he or she cannot wander around the house and get into trouble and you will prevent a lot of bad behaviors such as going potty in the house, chewing your things, getting into the garbage and the list can go on and on.
  •  Create a daily schedule to keep yourself on track with training and raising your puppy with rules and manners.

Sample of a daily schedule for a puppy:

  • Upon getting up in the morning take your puppy out to go potty have them on leash so he or she won’t wander and play. Take your puppy to the area you want them to pee and give a key word to tell your puppy to go potty as he or she pees say the key word over and over so he or she ties the word into the sensation.
  •  Bring the puppy into the home for feeding time make sure your puppy sits and stay for their food after you put the dish on the floor tell your puppy, “okay you can eat” stay with them picking up the bowl and putting it down one or two times to help prevent bowl/food aggression.
  •  Let your puppy have 15 minutes to eat their meal than pick up the bowl clean it and put it away.
  •  Take your puppy out for another potty break.
  •  Than have a training session with puppies it is usually around 5 to 10 minutes practice basic obedience and walking on a leash.
  •  After training have some play time.
  •  Two or more times a week you should take your puppy on an outing such as dog friendly places (San Tan Village, Lowe’s, Home Depots, Starbucks, Ace Hardware) have people pet your dog and bring some treats to give to your dog. This is an excellent way to socialize your puppy and create a balanced dog.
  •  Around noon feed your puppy take them outside to go potty than crate them for the afternoon nap.
  •  Upon rising from their nap take your puppy outside to go potty than have some fun play time.
  •  At around 4 to 5 pm have another training session.
  •  After the session wait 20 minutes than feed your puppy his or hers final meal.
  •  Let the puppy have some free time outside to play in the backyard do not go inside your puppy needs constant supervision.
  •  At around 8 to 9 pm put your puppy in the crate for the evening.
  •  When the puppy is old enough enter them into a basic obedience class.

It is always important to keep a schedule when raising a puppy it makes them feel secure and part of a pack. A pack is very organized and if it was not the pack would not survive. Puppies go through many growing stages the first year and by having rules and boundaries, training exercises, outings, play time and affection your dog will grow up to be an awesome well mannered dog that is fun to be around.

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