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Puppies Mouthing a Look at Dog Behavior

When a puppy mouths, he is constantly putting his mouth on your hand, your arm, leg or anything that belongs to you, including shoes, socks, clothes, etc.

Reasons Puppies Mouth:

  •  Teething. The first set of teeth comes in 3-4 weeks after birth. Permanent set of teeth start coming in at 6 weeks and this process can last until the dog is 6 months of age. During this time a dog’s mouth can become very sore, inflamed or bled. Mouthing is a way a dog can relieve some of this pain.


  •  Give your dog cold carrots to chew, a clean frozen rag tied in a knot, apply ambesol on the inflamed area, ice cubes, and supply him with hard rubber toys, nylon bones or a frozen bone
  •  If your dog is mouthing on you, screech “Ouch!” in a high pitch voice. As soon as your dog lets go say, “good dog” than give him something he can chew on
  •  During this time you can take your puppy for a walk to distract him or practice some fun basic obedience games

Why Do Dogs Chew:

  •  To develop their jaws
  •  To relieve or bring in new teeth
  •  To keep teeth clean
  •  To relieve tension and boredom, outlet of energy
  •  If a dog is subjected to isolation, lack of socialization or barrier frustration this can lead to destructive chewing


  •  Divert your dog’s attention to something else: obedience training, play time, give your puppy a Kong stuffed with peanut butter, wet dog food or dog biscuits, or an appropriate chew toy such as a nylon bone, hard rubber ball, bleached bone, etc.
  •  Use the drag leash method, keeping the dog with you at all times. When the dog starts to chew on something give him a slight collar correction or use your clicker saying, “Leave It” and as your puppy stops mouthing reward him or her
  •  Practice the seeding game
  •  If your dog chews on forbidden items when you are gone. Spray those items with Bitter Apple, Bitter In or make your own solution using ½ lemon juice, ½ rubbing alcohol with a dash of tobacco sauce. You can mix this solution with flour and make a paste that you put on doors, wooden table legs, etc.
  •  I always suggest if you cannot watch your dog or you are leaving the home put your puppy or dog in a crate or x-pen to prevent them from getting into trouble
  •  Consider a doggie day care or a pet walker if you are gone from the home a considerable amount of time
  •  Create a daily schedule for your puppy that includes proper feeding times, water, naps, play time and training

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