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Teaching Your Dog to Come Off Leash

Come Game:

 In home practice with a treat can filled with the best dogs treats and make sure when you shake the can it will make a noise easily heard.

  •  Shake the can and say your dogs name followed with come example “Tank, Come”
  •  The minute your dog starts to acknowledge you and the command start saying, “Good Dog”
  •  When your dog comes to you have him or her sit than give your dog the treat
  •  When your dog becomes proficient with this game have someone place your dog in another room and call them to you make sure you shake the can
  •  As the dog becomes familiar with the game start shaking the can with less intensity and on occasions reward him with a treat
  •  Goal is to eventually just call your dog to you without the shake can and treats
  • In the back yard: You will need the shake can and a long lead training leash do not use extension leashes.
  •  Attach the long lead and let your dog roam around the yard
  •  Plan when you are going to call him and follow the instructions mentioned above
  •  Practice with leash for 2 weeks than remove the lead and practice the game
  •  Keep the game fun and exciting

As your dog becomes proficient with the come game in all circumstances than go to a park and practice make sure to use the long training lead.

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