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Why Do Dogs or Puppies Jump

Imagine you just arrived home and your dog or puppy starts jumping on you almost knocking you down or scratching on your leg. At times like this you can get frustrated and upset by this type of greeting. Now imagine being your dog you are so excited seeing your owner that you want to give him a big greeting so you jump to see his face. Kneecaps or ankles are not exactly the place to shed such affection. So let’s jump to see my owners face. These greetings are not meant to hurt you but unfortunately at times they can.

Reasons dogs jump:

  •  To play.
  •  Domination-alpha posture.
  •  To teach pups how to act as a predator.
  •  To challenge other pack members.


  •  As your dog starts to jump tell him to sit, than reward him for following through with the command.
  •  Extend your hands out just above your dog’s head so you can block the jump.
  •  Put a leash on your dog’s collar and step on the leash so that he cannot jump.
  •  For smaller dogs put a bench or chair near the entry door and teach them to sit on that item to greet you.
  •  Loop your thumb through the dog’s collar pointing your thumb towards the floor holding him in a standing position.
  •  Go down on your knees to greet him.
  •  Keep greeting very low key read the article on separation anxiety there is some helpful hints to keeping a dog calm.
  •  Remember don’t push your dog away with your hands this may indicate play.
  •  Ignore your dog as you arrive home until he calms down, than praise him.
  •  Immediately take your dog for a walk to burn off their energy you can even do this exercise in the home and follow through with some commands.

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