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Holiday Safety for Your Puppy or Dog

The holiday season is upon us and now is the time to make sure that our decorations and food items are not harmful to our puppy or dog. Below I have listed items that can make our home safe for our puppy or adult dog.

  •  When we decorate our homes we need to take the time to make sure that the decorations are placed safely throughout the household.
  •  If you are going to put a table cloth on any table than add food, candles or decoration make sure your puppy or dog can’t pull the cloth off the table.
  •  When you decorate your Christmas tree do not use tinsel puppies and some dogs like to eat it.
  •  When looking for ornaments check out to see if they are pet friendly and make sure your pet can’t pull off the decorative lights.
  •  When choosing a stand for your tree is it sturdy and can it hold your tree safely.
  •  Place the electrical plugs in a safe area.
  •  Blocking off the tree area by using baby gates make life easier.
  •  When you leave the home to shop or go to work place your pets in their crates or kennels.
  •  Be careful when leaving food out some are very toxic to your pets.
  •  Some of the foods you need to be careful with are chocolate, raisins, grapes, alcohol, tobacco and onions.
  •  If you can’t watch your pets when the food is out place them in their crates, backyard, or a bedroom.
  •  You can leash your dog and have someone keep them at their side to insure that the dog does not get into any thing harmful.
  •  If you suspect or know that your pet ate something harmful call your veterinarian immediately.
  •  If you are traveling and can’t take your pet consider a doggie day care, kennel or pet sitting service but make arrangements far in advance.
  •  The goal for the holiday season is to be safe, worry free and happy.

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