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Leave It/Take Command for Dogs

Leave It/Take Command: This game is very important and will teach your dog to not take anything from someone’s hand and will teach your dog to ignore distractions while on a walk or in the home.

  •  Place a treat in your hand and close your hand over the treat so the dog cannot grab it
  •  Place your hand near your dogs nose as soon as your dog tries to take the treat from your hand say “Leave It”
  •  You may have to repeat “Leave It” several times
  •  The minute your dog show less interest open your hand and say “Take”

How do you know your dog is showing less interest or is trying to figure out what to do next your dog will look away, may back up, sniff less or move their head in a different direction.
Your goal is to use this command whenever your dog is showing interest in items that he or she is not allowed to have.
This is a great command on walks when a dog wants to sniff something that is harmful or when showing too much interest in another dog or animal. This command is helpful in teaching you dog house manners when your dog wants to take something that is not theirs or when showing too much interest in another human being or animal.

Remember a dog learns in 30 days and they need consistency and repetition so practice every day in 5 to 10 minute session 1 to 2 times a day and put 4 hours between each session.

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