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Removing Items From Your Dogs Mouth

Removing an item such as a ball, toy or something a dog should not have in their mouth. It is always a good idea to learn to take things out of your dog’s mouth safely. I suggest teaching your puppy or dog this skill as soon as possible it will make life a lot easier on you when you have to remove something from your dog’s mouth.

  •  First practice the leave it/take command
  •  Have on hand a dog toy that makes noises and the best dog treat (cut up chicken, hot dogs something a dog cannot resist), make sure your dog has not have any food for several hours and have your dog leashed during this exercise
  •  Place the ball in your dogs mouth than gently try to remove the ball do not let the dog pull on the ball
  •  Say the word “drop” and when he or she releases the ball immediately give them the ball back say “good dog”
  •  If your dog does not release the ball squeak the toy or place a treat near their nose the minute your dog releases the ball give them the treat or return the ball with a “good dog” praise
  •  Sometimes you will have to push the ball further into the dogs mouth until they release in a gage reflex but make sure the ball is large so the dog will not choke on it or swallow it
  •  If the dog tries to run away with the ball you have the leash to keep him or her near you
  •  If your dog refuses to release the ball end the game immediately and place your dog in his or hers crate your dog does not want the game to end so they will learn to release the ball so that the fun will continue

Make this game fun and enjoyable encouraging any good behavior.
As your dog get good at the game start throwing the ball.
Remember to practice every day for 30 day and no more than 10 minutes at a time. Keep practice short and sweet and leave on a good note dogs always remember the last few minutes of training.

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