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Dog Riding in a Car

Some dogs produce a great deal of anxiety when riding in cars. They can drool, shake, and even vomit. Some dogs can have motion sickness, and for these animals products such as Dramamine can be used under the supervision of a veterinarian. For most pets however, the sickness is strictly an over-reaction to the fear and apprehension of the car noise, motion, and so on. Below are suggestions on how you can help your dog overcome the fear of riding in a vehicle.

1: Your goal is to get your dog used to the environment of the car. Get in the car together and have a treat ready. Make it a fun time and a positive experience. Don’t start the car, just enjoy your time in the car with treats. Do not allow your dog in the front seat it can be very dangerous in an accident.

2: After you practiced step 1 several times than your next step is to start the car but don’t go anywhere. Talk to your dog if he gets uncomfortable. Reassure him with a friendly voice, petting and some treats. At this time introduce a dog seat belt it is important that your dog is restraint in your car whenever she or he is traveling with you.

3: Once the dog has some confidence with the car engine running and wearing a seat belt you can back your car out of the driveway then forward into the garage. Give him a treat and praise him. Repetition is the name of this game. The more you do this exercise the more confidant your dog will become. Remember take your time don’t rush.

4: Take your first trip around the block treat and praise before and after your trip. Gradually increase the distance of travel until your dog is calm no matter how long he is in the car. During the first trip around the block if you can have someone drive the car while you sit in the back with your dog.

Having your dog travel with you in the car is a wonderful experience. But remember, if it gets too hot or cold outside do not leave your dog in the car unattended.

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