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Keeping Your Dog Safe in Hot Weather

The summer weather is almost here and also the dangers it brings to our beloved dogs. Dogs can get sick and possible die in hot weather and it is important to know the signs of a dog getting sick from heat exhaustion. In this article I will list the signs of a dog becoming heat exhausted, what to do if this happens and how to prevent it.
How do you know your dog is getting heat exhausted? Your dog may pant, become restless, their tongue will turn bright red, their saliva will become thick and stringy, they may vomit and have diarrhea.
What do you do if your dog is showing signs of heat exhaustion? Slowly cool your dog down with water do not put your dog in really cold water, give your dog water but do not let them over drink, ice chips can help, put your dog near a fan, keep an eye on your dog’s temperature 101 is normal and call your veterinarian. If your dog is older or has health problems be especially careful.
How to prevent heat exhaustion. Keep your dog inside, if you do not have air conditioning keep plenty of water around, lay down a wet towel so your dog can lay on it, freeze water in some jugs and place in front of the fan. Do not leave your dog in a car no matter what! Do not exercise your dog outside when it is hot. If you need to walk your dog do it early morning or when the sun is down but I highly recommend not exercising your dog during this time. Follow these guide lines and you will keep your dog safe from the heat.

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