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Dog Training in Hot Weather

So the Arizona weather has hit and it is hot! Along with this heat you become limited on things to do during the summer with your dog and your beloved pet is starting to get cabin fever. You ask yourself what can do to get my dog out of the house for an hour or two.
First you can walk your dog very early in the morning but sometimes that is difficult due to the weekly work schedule.
Second you can join a dog training group that would give your dog time around other dogs, people, plus learn something new that would make your dog smarter. Bingo! This sounds like more fun!
Through Phoenix Park and Recreation starting July 8th there is 3 classes scheduled to begin: Dog Therapy Class learning how to become a therapy team so eventually you can take your dog on visits to hospitals, child crisis centers, visit veterans in need, child reading programs, etc. The other classes are basic or intermediate obedience in the basic class you will teach your dog loose leash heeling, sit/down stay, come and dog psychology. In intermediate the goal is to perfect the basic obedience and learn the beginning stages of teaching your dog off leash heeling.
Fido would be so happy to get out of the house plus go to school where he can have some fun with his owner and other class mates.
To register for one of these classes go to Phoenix Park and Recreation and join today. The class code is Therapy Class (106431) starts at 6 pm, Beginning Obedience (106432) starts at 7 pm and Intermediate Obedience (106442) starts at 8 pm. In order to register for the intermediate class you must have completed the basic obedience class.
Big plus the classes are in doors and air conditioned. See you soon!

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