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So you want to take your dog over to someone’s house to play with another dog but not too sure how to go about an introduction. Below I have listed several suggestions on how to approach this process.
1. Have the dogs meet at a neutral territory such as a local park.
2. Have all dogs on leash when meeting the first time.
3. Take the dogs for a walk around the park and look for signs of assertive or aggressive behaviors such as a direct stare at the other dog, posturing, growling, etc.
4. If the dogs are getting along and the park is close to the friends home proceed to their home.
5. If you want to have the dogs play in the backyard go through the side gate or you can go through the house keep the dogs on leash.
6. When entering a home or going through a gate have the dogs do a sit while you are opening the door.
7. Do not let the dogs rush the door or gate have them heel nicely into the backyard.
8. If the dogs continue to show good manners take off their leashes and stay close as they play.
9. If any dogs show signs of aggressive behaviors tell them to “leave it” in a firm voice. If the dog continues to show aggression leash that dog and have him or her sit/stay while the other dogs play. That dog does not get released from the leash unless they calm down and behave.
10. If the dog continues to show assertive or aggressive behaviors than remove him or her from the yard and take them home.
11. When dogs are playing always supervise and be on alert for any misbehavior.
12. It is very important that your body language remains calm, do not get anxious for your dog will become anxious also.
When watching and supervising the play of dogs make sure you know how dogs communicate with other dogs. It is important for it will guide you and your friends on how to conduct the play. I suggest that you educate yourself on calming signals, displacement signals and assertive/aggressive signals.

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