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Dog Training Classes to begin in September

Group classes is a great way to have fun with your dog and at the same time learn something that would be valuable to your dog’s education. I have 2 Belgian Malinois’s and if I did not keep them busy with training classes they would become bored and destructive. Therefore making my life miserable. More people give up their dogs because of behavioral problems ones that would be fixed if the owner took the time to train their dog and have fun with their dog. At Angel Dogs and Phoenix Park and Recreations (Pecos Park location) I instruct several fun classes that are affordable and a great way to train your dog.

Dog Basic and Intermediate Obedience: In dog basic obedience you learn the basics of obedience which is loose leash walking, stop, sit, stay, come, and down. In this class you learn about dog psychology, how to resolve behavioral problems, how a dog communicates, and how to socialize your dog. The intermediate class is a continuance of learning more about obedience training and to challenge your dog more with different skill levels.
Agility: In agility we have a lot of fun with teaching our dog to go over jumps, go through tunnels, over A-frames and dog walks, how to balance a teeter totter and maneuver through the weave poles. This is a fun class and is really a great way to help fearful dogs by building their self-esteem.
Dog Therapy Training: Did you ever want to visit hospitals, child crisis centers, libraries, help at hospice with your dog? This class is geared to teach you to understand the process of becoming a dog therapy team plus helps you learn how to pass the skill part of the evaluation process with your dog. The requirements are you take dog basic obedience class with Eileen and that your dog shows no signs of aggressive behaviors.
Dog Adventure Class: In this class we meet at different locations such as a park or a mall to learn how to teach our dog to have manners when walking with other dogs and humans in different environment. Great way to socialize and have fun.
Come join Eileen in one of the many group classes being taught in Queen Creek or at Pecos Park.
Queen Creek classes: Basic Obedience Sept 18th to Oct. 23rd at 6 pm, Agility Sept. 26th to Nov. 7th at 6:30 pm, and Dog Adventure Class Sept. 24th to Oct. 15th at 6 pm. Please contact Eileen at Angel Dogs to register for any of these classes 480-332-8211.
Pecos Park off of Chandler Blvd and 48th St.: Agility Classes start Sept. 13th to Oct. 25th class codes for Advance agility 108681, Intermediate agility 108684, Beginning agility 108687 and Basic obedience 108694. Tuesday night classes begin Sept. 9th to Oct. 14th Dog Therapy class at 6 pm class code is 108697 and intermediate at 7pm class code is 108695. To register for these class you need to go online at Phoenix Park and Recreation or go to Pecos Park.

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Angel Dogs, provides dog training, puppy training, dog agility training, dog obedience training and therapy dog training throughout the Phoenix, Arizona Metro Area.
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