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The Dangers of Dog Collars

I have been a dog trainer for over 18 years and during these years I have heard several times of the death of a dog due to choking to death on their dog collar. It is due to these sad and heart breaking stories that I thought I should create this article.
Dog collars whether they are leather or nylon buckle, nylon break away clip collars, chokers, or prong can be dangerous to your dog’s life. Dogs can get their collars caught on something and struggle to break free and at the same time slowly choke themselves to death. Dogs playing with one another can get the collar caught in the other dogs mouth and through their struggle to get free can choke a dog to death. Dogs have gone under fences got their collars caught and can choke themselves to death. These incidents have happened and they are devastating to the dog owner. Never crate your dog with their collars on.
So how can you protect your dog?
The simple solution is remove your dog’s collar when they are home. It is that easy and can save your dog’s life. But you are thinking what if my dog gets out of the yard. One of the solutions is have your dog chipped. A person who finds your dog can take your dog to a local vet and have your dog scanned. The vet can retrieve your contact information and before long you will have your dog. Also check out your yard walk the fence line to make sure it is safe, check your gates and make sure the lock is secure. If you have children running in and out of the house and leaving the front or garage door open secure your dogs in a section on your home with barrier gates. Be smart and be creative in the ways you can protect your dog.
To learn more about dog safety go to my website and on my front page is an icon for blogs click and there is all sorts of articles that can be helpful.

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