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Dogs vs Rocks

Often I hear from my clients, “how do I get my dog to stop eating rocks”. The answer sounds easy just don’t let your dog be alone in the back yard or the area where he or she is eating rocks. But, it can be difficult to up hold especially if someone in the house lets the dog out without you knowing it. Eating rocks can be very life threatening for a dog and can be very expensive if your dog needs surgery to remove the rocks. Dogs also may eat bottle tops, diapers, toys, paper, or plastic the list can just go on and on. Below I have listed some ideas that can be helpful in preventing a dog from eating harmful things in the yard or home.
• Make sure all trash cans are secure in the home and yard.
• Close all bedroom door.
• Baby gate the dog in an area that is more easily managed.
• Remove all rocks from the back yard.
• Build an outdoor kennel area for the dog to run in.
• Crate your dog whenever you leave your house.
• Teach your dog the “leave it” command.
• Muzzle your dog.
• Every time your dog goes outside someone goes with him or her. This way you can correct the dog in the moment thus teaching them not to eat something in the yard.
• When you are in the back yard with your dog leash them this way they cannot sneak away and eat a rock.
• Make sure you are feeding your dog enough food.
• Make sure your dog is getting enough exercise and training, sometimes a bored dog will be destructive and eat things.
• Hire a dog trainer to help you with this situation it may save you money considering vet bills can be in the thousands.

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