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Why are You Getting a Dog?

You decided that now is the time to own a dog but, not sure what type of dog to choose from. Choosing a dog is not as simple as it sounds. You need to really take a look at your life style before you make this decision. Do you work a lot of hours and could only spend quality time with a dog on the weekends, and even that is questionable with all of the chores? Would your dog be alone during work hours? Are you getting the dog because your children want a dog? Below I listed some ideas that could help you in making that decision.
• Make sure you are getting a dog because you want one not because someone thinks you should have a dog.
• Evaluate your week be honest do you have time for a dog.
• Research the different breeds and choose a dog that would meet your life style.
• Please rescue a dog from a shelter.
• Dogs can be expensive, food, toys, dog beds, training equipment, dog training classes, grooming, and veterinarian bills, can your budget handle the extra expense?
• Do you travel a lot for business and can you afford pet sitters or dog boarding?
• Socializing and exercise is important for a dog. Do you have time to daily exercise your dog?
• Are you getting a dog because you are lonely? Sometimes this is not the best decision.

There are many reasons people get dogs but what it really boils down to, “Do you have time for a dog”. If the answer is no than the answer would be simple don’t get a dog.

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