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Treating Fear in Dogs Concerning Thunderstorms or Loud Noises

Monsoon season and the 4th of July is almost here and with that it may cause a fear response in your dog. Some of the signs of fear are the dog’s tail in tucked way under the dog’s belly, shaking, drooling, panting, pacing, barking, whining, etc. How can you treat a dog who is fearful of loud noises? What can you do to help your dog and stop them from being so fearful.

Below I have wrote a few suggestion on helping your dog overcome these fears.

If your dog is fearful of loud noises, make a recording of the noise and see whether the recording causes fear. If it does, you have a controllable stimulus to use in retraining.

Using food rewards, train your dog to lie quietly on a rug and once he is fully trained, expose him to the frightening sound but at a very low level, perhaps even below your own hearing frequency.

Reward him for showing no signs of fear. Gradually, increase the intensity of the sound, boosting it every five minutes over a period of 30 to 40 minutes.

Daily treatment periods of 40 to 50 minutes are best and you should expect training to consume around one month total before a dog is desensitized to 90 decibel noise.

Once your dog shows no fear to thunder, you should play your recording during the season when there are no naturally occurring thunderstorms, so that you can reinforce his or hers new behavior.


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