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Semi-Deaf or Deaf Dogs

Semi-Deaf or Deaf Dogs

Training Methods

I have a dog that went deaf around 8 years of age and now is totally deaf. I found out that Tank was going deaf by his response to noise. For instance, clapping behind him he seemed confused by where the noise was coming from and eventually didn’t respond at all. I took Tank to a specialist and my thoughts were confirmed Tank was at that time 80% deaf. Fortunately, I trained Tank with hand signals and that has been a tremendous help but the biggest issue is having Tank come to me if he was not facing me. That can be scary because if Tank should take off he could not hear things that could hurt him or even end his life such as a car. My world changed on how I handle and protect Tank and, now I want to share this information with other owners who are is facing the same issues as I.

What you need to work on:

  1. You need to teach your dog to focus or look at you with a touch hand signal.
  2. You need to teach your dog basic obedience hand signals.
  3. Learn how to operate a dog training collar that has pulsating nick stimulation.
  4. Teach your dog to walk nicely on a leash.
  5. Learn to walk your dog on a gentle leader.
  6. Body language is important so learn how your dog responds.
  7. Patience and calmness will excel your dogs learning.

Come join me in a dog group class that will be geared for semi-deaf or deaf dogs. Together we will learn how to teach your dog and help them have a more positive responsive.

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