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Come Command Game for Dogs

Trying to have your puppy or dog come to you can become frustrating at times and often dog owners become lost in how to accomplish this skill. The answer is making come a fun and exciting game full of praise and reward so that your dog will love to play the game “come”.

Tools you will need: a long lead, treats, toy, 2 chairs and a great attitude.

Place the chairs about 10 to 15 feet apart. (play this game at first in the home)

  1. Both participants have treats in a bag or can so when you shake it the noise will attract the dog. If you clicker trained your dog you can use a clicker.
  2. The first person calls the dog to come, “Fido Come” while shaking the can or using the clicker
  3. The minute the dog acknowledges you start saying, “Good Dog” in a happy and exciting voice.
  4. When the dog comes to you reward the dog with a treat or a toy if that is what the dog prefers.
  5. Than the second person calls the dog while the first person become quiet and still so the dog will leave them and go to the second person.
  6. Repeat several times than end the game do not make the game so long that the dog becomes bored and ends the game themselves.
  7. The next time you play the game move the chairs further apart the goal is to create a lot of distance between the chairs. You might need a long lead at this time.
  8. When the dog becomes really good at this game introduce distractions such as other people or other dogs.
  9. To add more challenges go to different rooms in the home for instance one person in the kitchen the other in a bedroom.
  10. The backyard offers even more distractions and challenges if needed put the dog on leash so she or he can’t wander off.
  11. Always make this game fun and rewarding never enter negative energy always positive and you will have the best results.

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