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Dog Safety When In a Car

Car Safety for Your Dog
When traveling with your beloved pet there is several things you should take into consideration to make it safe for your dog.
1st: Make sure your dog is secure pet seat belts are a great safety device.
2nd: Do not let your dog sit in your lap or ride in the front seat just too dangerous. Air bags can break your dogs neck.
3rd: If your dog is small provide a safety seat so your dog is secure and can see out the window.
4th: If you crate your dog make sure the crate is secure and that your dog can get plenty of fresh air.
5th: In your glove box or where you keep vehicle information provide a sheet of paper with your dogs name, veteraninarian contact information, a family member or friend contact number. In case you are in an accident or unconscious the police know what to do with your dog.
6th: Have pleanty of water in case your car breaks down.
7th: Do not let your dog ride in a bed of a truck. Your dog can fall out of the truck if your are in an accident.
8th: Do not leave your dog in a car during extreme weather conditions.
These are just a few suggestions just think of your dogs safety and have a safe journey wherever you go.

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