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Dogs vs Summer Months

Summer is here in Arizona and a lot of dog owners are lost at what to do with their dogs during the summer months. Angel Dogs does have 3 classes starting in doors at Pecos Park the class schedule is listed on the Group Class Schedule pages. These classes will give you something to do during the summer plus step up your dog training skills. Other options during the summer is to look into Dock Diving there is several locations in the valley. Walking your dog can be a go if you go early in the morning and make sure you bring water for your dog, protect their feet with booties and check out cool vest or wet your dog down before you walk. Don’t go too far 20 minutes may be all your dog can handle during the heat. Dogs do get heat stroke so be cautious. Enjoy the summer and be careful with your beloved dog.

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Angel Dogs, provides dog training, puppy training, dog agility training, dog obedience training and therapy dog training throughout the Phoenix, Arizona Metro Area.
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