Angel Dogs BBB Business Review


Founded in 2000 by dog trainer Eileen Tonick, Angel Dogs has been helping pet owners with dog and puppy training for over 10 years. Eileen is honest and reliable with over 16 years of dog training experience. Her goal is to create a training atmosphere where the owners and the dog both get the best training experience and knowledge. As a result Eileen and Angel Dogs have received several awards and coverage in the media:

  • In 2008, Eileen conducted a K-9 Safety Course for the City of Phoenix Employees and was voted most popular safety course.
  • Angel Dogs was named a favorite in the 2009 Annual Readers Choice Awards, published in the November issue of Tails Magazine.
  • Eileen was featured in the Animal Zone Magazine Nov/Dec 2009 issue and will be writing helpful tips for dog training for the magazine in the future.

Training Philosophy

I am an eclectic trainer I use different techniques that apply to a variety of different dogs and their unique ways of learning. I base most of my training on positive motivation and a reward basis of some sort which can be treats, lures, a gentle pet or a happy voice for a job well done. Dogs learn through patterning, so I set each skill that is being taught into a specific pattern that can help a dog learn. When working with a dog that I train every day I’m consistent, persistent, encouraging, motivating, and I make training fun – these are some of the keys in being a successful trainer. When I am working one on one with a client or in a group setting, I try to teach these techniques to the dog owners. I also educate my clients on dog psychology, calming and assertive signals, health, and how to have fun with their dogs. By doing the best I can to educate dog owners, it will help stop unnecessary euthanasia.

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