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Dog Sports

Dog Sports is a great way to help with burning off energy and challenging your dog’s mind psychologically. There is several types of sports that you may consider when choosing an activity.

  • Fly Ball: A relay type of sport
  • Agility: requires balance and skill
  • Barn Hunting: sniff and hunting type of skills
  • Dock Diving: retrieving an item, diving and swimming involved
  • Frisbee: catch and retrieve
  • Rally: obedience skills

Some of these sports require that you join a team some do not but all require a commitment to train your dog and have fun. Search the web and find a sport near you. At Angel Dogs I teach Agility so look at my Class Schedule to find a date that will work for you.

Dogs and Heat Stroke

On summer days if you are feeling hot your dog may be feeling hotter. Dogs don’t sweat like we do, so they have to rely on panting, which is not as effective at cooling them down. Heat stroke can happen fast and its effects can be devastating for your pet. That’s why prevention is very important.

 Signs of Heat Stroke in Dogs:

 Rapid panting, sweaty feet, drooling

  • Excessive grooming
  • Rapid pulse and breathing
  • Redness of the tongue and mouth
  • Vomiting
  • Lethargy
  • Stumbling, staggering gait
  • Pacing

If your pet is just starting to show sign of distress from the heat, or if you think your dog is suffering from heat exhaustion or heat stroke, take a few step to start the cooling process. Most important, don’t let efforts to help your pet delay you more than a few moments from getting to the vet, as time is critical for animals suffering heat stroke.

What to do if Your Pet Is Suffering From Heat Stroke:

 Move your pet/dog to a cool area

  • Offer lots of water to drink
  • Wet down the skin with cool water
  • Avoid freezing water or ice-these can cause blood vessels to constrict, slowing the cooling process and ice can damage the skin
  • Take your dog to the veterinarian immediately



Agility Videos from Pecos Park

What is Dog Agility?

Dog agility is a fun, recreational sport that is like visiting an amusement park every time you step onto the field. It is a great outlet for dogs and puppies with excess energy and a fun way to spend some free time with your canine companion. In dog agility training, you will teach your dog to go up and down a see-saw, soar over or through jump obstacles, scale a 6-foot tall A-frame, race through tunnels and barrels, and zigzag through closely spaced upright poles. Whatever your goals are with dog agility training I can help you get there.

Angel Dogs Dog Agility Class in the News

The Fall 2010 Pecos Dog Agility Class was featured in an Arizona Republic slideshow. The photos are great. Check it out »

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