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Group Class Schedule

Pecos Park Classes

Classes for February and April 2020 are listed below.  Start dates are listed below. To register, for the classes presented at Pecos Park off the I-10 and Chandler Blvd. off of 48th St., visit You must register on your computer not your cell phone. Once you are on the Phoenix Park and Recreation home page click onto View Activities on that page look for Activity Number/Keyword type in Dog that will take you to all of the classes that are scheduled to begin. Look for the class and the date that you are interested in and than click onto Add To My Cart.  If you have any problems with registration contact the Pecos Park Staff at 602.534.5252. Space is limited so register soon.

Directions to the group classes: Classes are taught on the west side of Pecos Park at the second round about go right after you pass the pool area you will see a basketball court basic and intermediate obedience is taught on that court the agility classes are held on the grass area behind the bathroom. In door therapy class is taught in the recreation building in the multipurpose room. During the summer months the Dog Therapy, Basic and Intermediate classes are held in doors

Basic Dog Obedience (Read course description)
The obedience classes go all year please go to the link provided above to find out what dates work for you Class held in the Fall, Winter and Spring are held outdoors on the west basketball court on Saturday at 11 am. Summer groups are on Tuesday nights in doors at the Multi Purpose room. Class is scheduled to begin Feb. 22nd or Spring class April 11th class is held at 11 am. Please register through Phoenix Park and Recreation. If the basic obedience class is full please register for the intermediate class and I will adjust it to your learning level. Cost is $90.00. Read below for classes in the Queen Creek area.

Intermediate Basic Obedience: Requirement that you attend a dog basic obedience class through Angel Dogs, Pecos Park, or some other dog training group. If you feel that your dog is ready for the intermediate class but did not attend the class mentioned above please call me so we can decide together if you are ready for this class. Fall, Winter & Spring class are taught on Tuesday nights at 7 pm held at the basketball court located on the west side of the park. Summer class is held on Tuesday night at 7 pm in door at the Multi Purpose Room. Class is scheduled to begin Feb. 18th or Spring class at April 7th class is held at 6:30 pm.  Cost is $90.00.

Beginning Agility for Dogs (Read dog agility training descriptionClasses are scheduled for Feb. 22nd and Spring class April 11th. Please go on line to find out what dates work for you, these class are held at Pecos Park. Class is taught on Saturday at 10 am. Cost is $90.00.

Intermediate Agility for Dogs:  The Pecos Park class is taught on Saturday at 9 am, please go online at Phoenix Park and Recreation to find out what dates work for you at the Pecos Park location. Class scheduled to begin Feb. 22nd and Spring Class April 11th. Cost is $90.00.

Advanced Agility for Dogs: This class is taught on Saturday at 8 am at the Pecos Park location. Go online to register through Phoenix Park and Recreation. Class scheduled Feb. 22nd and Spring Class April 11th. Cost is $90.00.                                    

Dog Therapy Training (Read course description)
Classes begins Feb. 18th and Spring Class April 7th.. The class will be held indoors at Pecos Park. This class is taught on Tuesday nights at 5:30 pm. If there is a class cancellation due to size please call me or email me so we can make other arrangements. Requirement dog basic obedience. Cost is $90.00.

Angel Dogs Classes:

Dog Adventure Class: Need to socialize your dog and have fun doing it please join this class. The class meets weekly in different locations to work on socialization skills and basic obedience. Please call Angel Dogs to register for this class the cost is $100.00 for 4 session. A portion of the class fees will be donated to Operation Wounded Soldier.  Please call Angel Dogs to reserve a spot half of the fee is required, non-refundable. This class is closed until further notice.

Queen Creek Location:

Dog Pet Partner Therapy Class:

If you want to visit hospitals, child crisis centers, schools or retirement homes with your dog but aren’t sure how to prepare yourself or your dog for this privilege, I can help you understand what is needed to become a therapy team. It is a fun class loaded with helpful hints on how to have the best pooch in town. Class pending on 3 to 5 students being registered please call to reserve a spot, 480-332-8211.

The dog therapy class: The Queen Creek class is closed for 2019. The cost is $120 for the class, 50-minute, 5 session and is limited to 5 teams so call today to reserve a spot. Half of the payment is due to hold a spot in the class it is non-refundable.

Semi-deaf or deaf dog group class: This class is closed for 2019. Cost $120.00 for 5 sessions. This class is geared to help owners of deaf dogs learn how to teach their dog basic obedience and learn how to use a training collar in assisting the owner to get the dogs attention, teach your dog to focus on you and to come when signaled. When using the training collar you will use only the vibration aspect. Please look up or do a search and purchase a collar for class. If you have any questions or want to register for this class please call me at: 480-332-8211. Half of the fee is required to reserve a spot in the class, non-refundable.

Dog Basic Obedience Class: Class is closed for 2019. You will learn the skills of basic obedience, talk about behavioral issues, learn about dog psychology and much more. Class is 5 lessons, 50 minutes and cost is $120.00 cash please. Please call me to make arrangements to join this group.

*Please call Angel Dogs 480-332-8211 to make arrangements on sending fees for the Queen Creek Classes.

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