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Group Classes

Basic Dog Obedience Training

These dog training classes are taught in a group setting. You will learn basic dog obedience with hand signals, how to socialize your dog, how to work with your dog while they are distracted, how to resolve behavioral problems, and stop your dog from pulling on the leash. The group meets six times for 50 minutes. Prices $120.00. Don’t have time to commute to a dog training group. Contact me about setting up a group in you own neighborhood! Price is $120.00 per person, minimum amount of students 6, maximum 10.

Dog Adventure Class

Need to socialize your dog with other dogs and humans in fun environments than this is the class for you. The class meets 4 times and each time at a different location. The goal is to socialize your dog in different surroundings so they will become a well mannered dog that does not pull on the leash. Price is $100.00. A portion of this class proceeds will go to Operation Wounded Soldier.

Dog agility photoDog Agility Training

Once your dog is proficient with basic obedience it is time to go to more advance training. In dog agility training you will teach your dog to go through tunnels, over jumps, up and over a dog walk, to hold down/stay commands on a table, and go up and down a teeter-totter. This class is geared towards having a lot of fun while training your dog to do challenging skills. Prices can range from $60.00 to $70.00. The Fall 2010 Pecos Dog Agility Class was recently featured in an Arizona Republic slideshow.

Therapy Dog Training

How would you like to take your dog into hospitals, retirement facilities, or children crisis centers for pet therapy? In this 6-week therapy dog training course, I will help you and your dog learn how to become a therapy team. (Requirement: Basic obedience class.) Depending on location prices can vary between $80.00-$120.00. Delta Society logoCanine Good Ctizens classCanine Good Citizens logo

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