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New Puppy in the Home

So you brought a puppy into your home and it has been years since you owned one and you are asking yourself what do I do now? The suggestions below will help and make having a puppy in your home a lot easier. The main thing to keep in mind is that you have a puppy which is like a toddler so you will have to provide safety, comfort, a clean area, lots of love, training, fun activities and patience.

Puppy Raising Made Fun:

  •  Crate train your puppy it will help with potty training and prevent bad behavioral issues.
  •  Leash your puppy when out of the crate so he or she cannot wander around the house and get into trouble and you will prevent a lot of bad behaviors such as going potty in the house, chewing your things, getting into the garbage and the list can go on and on.
  •  Create a daily schedule to keep yourself on track with training and raising your puppy with rules and manners.

Sample of a daily schedule for a puppy: Read More

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