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Leave It/Take Command for Dogs

Leave It/Take Command: This game is very important and will teach your dog to not take anything from someone’s hand and will teach your dog to ignore distractions while on a walk or in the home.

  •  Place a treat in your hand and close your hand over the treat so the dog cannot grab it
  •  Place your hand near your dogs nose as soon as your dog tries to take the treat from your hand say “Leave It”
  •  You may have to repeat “Leave It” several times
  •  The minute your dog show less interest open your hand and say “Take” Read More
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Puppy Basic Obedience Starts at 8 Weeks

You can start training your puppy at 8 weeks of age

The sooner you start training the sooner your puppy will begin to learn good behaviors. Because they are just puppies their attention span is much shorter than the normal 20 minutes allowed for adolescent or adult dogs. The ideal training schedule is to work your puppy on leash for 10 minutes in the a.m. and 10 minutes in the p.m. for at least 5 to7 days a week. During the week the puppy owner can have mini sessions in the house working on other basic obedience skills practicing 5 minutes at a time. During this time the puppy will begin to take on good house manners.
Example: Have your puppy sit before you give him his meal. You can also practice the come command in this manner as well by calling your puppy’s name each time you feed him. Young puppies like your attention and will usually come when called. Creating good habits now will allow obedience training to go much more smoothly later on.

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