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I had the wonderful opportunity to work with John Skelton, Quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals professional football team during October and November 2011.  John and I worked with his dog Nero. I helped John understand the ‘fear based’ behaviors his dog Nero was displaying at both the bark park and at home. John and I worked together on: pack leader skills, dog calming signals, dog communication signal and the importance of K9 socialization. The initial evaluation and working session were conducted at Nero’s home, and subsequent sessions were managed at Dog Park and the Mall. Nero’s confidence has greatly improved, and his behavior shows he is much more comfortable in dog parks and unusual environments. John is a committed dog owner that really grasps the concept of interaction and dog socialization in varying situations outside the home.

-John Skelton

My husband and I have been training our dogs with Eileen of Angel Dogs for the last 4 years. Classes we have taken include all levels of agility, dog obedience and dog therapy. We have found Eileen to be very knowledgeable in training techniques and dog behavior. She helped train our female German Shepherd who is currently the only German Shepherd in the therapy dog program at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. We were well prepared to work in a clinical therapy setting after Eileen’s instruction and practice situations. We are happy to recommend Eileen as a trainer.

-Mickey and Dave Zehrbach


Five months ago I became the owner of an abused dog. She had ticks, no name, no water bowl, You name it! She was 60 pounds of unruly dog! I thought I could love her into good behavior…. Wrong! I came to the conclusion that we needed professional help and quick. Eileen helped me to reverse bad behavior that had developed from being left in a back yard for her first 6 months of life. Now “Topaz” is a joy to walk, play with and live with. Angel Dogs is a professional training service that is about your dog and you. I highly recommend them to anyone wanting to train their dog.
–Chris Studel

We took 3 dog training classes taught by Eileen, basic & intermediate obedience and dog therapy class. We learned not only how to train our dogs in obedience she also included how a dog communicates through their body language, dog psychology and how to resolve behavioral issues. Eileen was always so positive she believed all of our dogs could and would be trained. The dogs responded very positively to her corrections and praise. My dog loved her and that made class very worthwhile. I encourage people to bring their dogs to Eileen for training. She will not let them down.

–Natalie Ludena 

I have enjoyed at least 4 training classes from Eileen with 2 different dogs over the course of several years. She is a skilled trainer and coach for both of my dogs and me. After taking the dog therapy class we passed the Pet Partners skills exam on the first attempt. Gus and I now serve as a therapy team doing hospice work. I would not hesitate to recommend Eileen as a dog trainer. She cares about the animals and makes training fun for both the dog and the handler.

–Ron Skinner

I have been working with Eileen since both my huskies were 12 weeks old, my dogs are now 9 1/2 years and in the advance agility class. When I meant Eileen I had no idea I would continue with her for the entire life of my dogs. She has a very gentle nature yet commands respect from the animals. She instructs in a manner that is fun and loving for the dog owner as well as the dog. Her technique is driven by positive reinforcement rather than negative consequences. I have watched very timid dogs lose their fear and become very stable confident dogs. All the dogs love her and are very excited to see her at every class. I highly recommend Eileen for all of your dog training needs.

–Christina Schafer

Eileen I just wanted to thank you for all your help with my rescue dogs Zoey and Molly. At the time I called you, my dogs were fighting in the home and on their walks, it was very scary. After your first visit where you showed me easy steps to take control and then left me with homework assignments to work on….it was amazing. Within 2 days Zoey was walking and happy to walk, both would actually sit next to each other with no tension. If I wasn’t the person that was involved I would have never believed the story and the difference from just one visit with you. And of course things just improved from that point on. Even my 16 year old son said how nice it is to have well behaved dogs that listen. Thank you!

–Sharon Bottock


Therapy dog training class: Class was lots of fun, it made me “raise the bar” on my dog training, lots of good tips that have drastically improved my dog’s behavior. Now we have a great service opportunity that will be enjoyable and helpful to others.

–Mimi Ellis


Therapy dog training class: Very thorough, comfortable, easy to follow through with expectations. Positive and offered helpful suggestions for behavioral issues.

–Lisa Beggs

“Brutus & Kaylee”

Eileen was so wonderful! We appreciated all of the knowledge that she shared with us.

–Stacie and EJ Tsangaris

Special Tribute

Shelby's photoWe would like to introduce Shelby. She is our survivor dog addition to our family, joining us in late January of 2003. E-mails were being distributed fast and furious by some close friends whose office is located in a commercial business park in Tempe. A disheveled, dirty, lonely looking dog had shown up on the door step to their office, full of milk and no puppies to be found. They started feeding and giving water to this poor dog and she made a home at the entrance to their office. We had no intentions of taking on this dog with a Siamese cat who ruled the roost, but we decided to take her in until we found her a more permanent home. Two days and 2 baths later, our Shelby went from black to blonde who was instantly responding to love and attention. With food and a comforting touch she began to trust us. Several months later we called “Angel Dogs” to join a group. So far we have completed Basic Obedience and are now attending an Advance Obedience Group. Shelby has took to training and loves going to school. We look into her brown eyes and we see nothing but “Thank You” and love from our Survivor Dog! Thank you Eileen and Christina, we now have 3 angels in our lives.

–Clark and Shelly Spencer, Feb 2, 2004

Recently Shelby my dear friend passed away due to cancer she will be dearly missed.

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