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Calming Signals/A Look at Dog Behaviors

Calming Signals used by dogs or puppies to:

  •  solve or avoid conflict
  •  show that they are friendly
  •  to keep peace
  •  to calm down human or dog aggression

List of Calming Signal:

  •  Looking Away
  •  Turning the Head
  •  Turning Away used when turning the head does not work.
  •  Yawning
  •  Licking
  •  Slow Movements
  •  Sitting or Laying Down
  •  Curving
  •  Sniffing
  •  Play Bow
  •  Marking used to mark territory, used when a dog is stressed, used to calm another dog or human, it’s a social thing and the dogs are doing something together.
  •  Splitting Up used when a dog notices that two or more dogs are getting too assertive with their play.
  •  Doing Something Together
  •  Lifting a Paw this is not a common signal
  •  Wagging the Tail used when a dog is aroused or excited

Dog’s first use calming signals when they are born their first signal is yawning and by 6 to 8 weeks they are using all of their calming signals.

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