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Seeding Game a Look at Dog Behavior

Often I hear my puppy is chewing up my shoes, my sprinklers, my hands, and my credit cards, etc. How to stop this destruction? One of the golden rules is never leave a puppy unattended when at home and restrain the puppy or dog when you can’t watch him. This way bad behavior won’t be developing when you are not watching your puppy. Crates, kennels, x-pens, and leashes are some of the tools used to restrain a puppy. In the meantime, you can start teaching your puppy through the seeding game which toys are his/hers and which items are not.

How to teach your puppy or dog not to touch something:

  •  First, collect some of the puppy’s toys and some of the things he is not to chew example: TV remotes, socks, slippers, children toys, etc.
  •  Place these items on the floor spreading them out putting at least 2 feet between each item
  •  Have the puppy on a leash and walk around the items
  •  When the puppy goes for the wrong item correct him/her with a slight collar correction at the same time give a verbal command “leave it”
  •  If you prefer not to use a collar correction use the click and treat technique
  •  As soon as the puppy leaves the item alone praise him/her
  •  Practice this game for 5 to 10 minutes daily for 25 to 30 days creating a patterned learning method
  •  Practice the seeding game in different areas of the house and outside on walks when you don’t want them to touch something on the sidewalk


  •  Practice the seeding game daily for about 30 days
  •  Be creative and make it a fun time for your puppy and you
  •  Reward your puppy for a job well done
  • Never leave your puppy unattended

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